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God is in Control. 




What is meant by the Holydays?


Spiritually Controlled Man


Never too Late




What is meant By Holydays?


KJV 1611-2011


Revelation Explained. Chapters 1-22


Feast of Tabernacles


Key Verses of the KJV


Will this earth ever be totally destroyed?


 Feasts, Jesus and the Pharisees


Who are the Houses of Israel?


Feast of Trumpets 2011


Its Never Too Late




The Truth shall set you free.


What is happening to us?


One World System Without God


The Great Apostasy


The Prophets


King of the North


The Lead Container


 The Truth shall set you free


The Secret Rapture


The Two Witnesses






































120 Years of Genesis         



The Mystery



The Two Great Prophecies


Rightly Dividing


Soldiers of Christ


The Full Lost Ten Tribes


Married Life


Good News and Bad News




Doctrines of Demons


From Rebellion to Tabernacle


Holy Roman Empire EU & UN


What’s Ahead of Us?


Reason for the Sphinx




The Evil Trilogy


Significance of the fall of Egypt.


New Heaven and New Earth


The Return of God’s System


 The Great Tribulation


 The Fall and Rise of Spiritual Man


Godsplan Explained






Blessings and Curses


World Market Slump.


Blessings  & Curses





Expressions for “Kingdom”





Ears to Hear.    


The Acts.




Book of Joel


Before Genesis


The   Preacher


Homosexual Marriages


Atheists On Religion


Rebellion to Tabernacle








Satan's Rebellion


The three earth ages


Before Genesis


Second or flesh age




Secular Weltanschauung


Internet Explorer 8




The Number Nine.


Satan's Coming






The Flesh Covering            




Satan's Coming   


Scientific Apostasy


Right Living


Decalogue In Scripture


Obedience Brings Blessings


 Christ The Redeemer


Paul's   Gospel


 Britain’s Decline


 Satan Arrives First


 Finally, The Beast of Revelation


 World   Market Slump.


 14 Signs to look for.


 The Four Pillars of Society


 The New Kingdom




 The   Jewish Perspective 


 The Trumpet


The meaning of life


Storm coming


Principal events


Book of the Law


Chronological Charts


Sieges of Jerusalem


Four Types of Government




One World System update


A seat for the Pope


Great Tribulation 2


Daniels Visions


Malachi Chapter 3


Book of Proverbs


One World

  Without God 


Temptations of Christ


7 to 14 years


The New Testament





2nd Advent